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CHUA HISTCIV and KASPIL1: The Grades (1st Term, 2017-2018)

Please check until 17 DECEMBER 2017, SUNDAY, 09:00 PM and after that the files here will be erased.  Read first the GRADING NOTES before reading the grades…  and before you complain.  LOL. No grade negotiation, only grade correction.

Grading notes:  KasPil 1 and HistCiv 17-18 A Grading Notes


HistCiv 17-18 A Marka A52 (IDN 1st draft)

KasPil 1 17-18 A Marka A55 (IDN 1st draft)

KasPil 1 17-18 A Marka C34 (IDN 1st draft)


God love you!