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PHIHIS 2: Readings in Philippine History in English (Updated all the time)

I.  Bayan: Early Philippine Societies

Chua – Walking History – We Did Not Come from the Ita Indones nor Malay

Chua – Walking History – Bahay Austronesyano

Chua – Walking History – Death and [Our] Beginnings

Chua – Walking History – Gahum

Chua – Manunggul Jar (English Ancient Filipinos)

Abrera – The Soul Boat and the Boat-Soul

Ambrosio – Stars of Philippine Skies (Inquirer)

II.  The “Bayan” under Spain (1565-1807)

Chua – Hamon at Tugon (Spanish Conquest to Philippine Revolution)

III.  Haring Bayan:  The Formation of the Emerging Filipino Nation (1807-1913)

Xiao’s Rizal Lecture The First Emo

Guerrero – Andres Bonifacio and the 1896 Revolution

Chua – Bonifacio’s war strategy lives on in today’s insurgency

IV.  The “Bayan” under America and Japan (1913-1946)

Chua – Tagumpay Filipino Veterans in WW2 (w English trans)

Chua – Mapalad Ang Inyong Mga Apo (w English trans)




V.  Sambayanan:  Continuing Story of Nation Building (1946-present)

Chua – Tortyur Human Rights Violations During The Marcos Regime

Chua – Haring Bayan Democracy and People Power in the Philippines


Please define key concepts:  Neo-colonialism, elite democracy, dictatorship and People Power